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What is a pension annuity?

A pension annuity (often referred to simply as an annuity) is a product purchased with the proceeds of a pension plan which pays a guaranteed, regular income for life. The income payable from this type of annuity is not linked to the performance of investments. We provide independent annuity advice.

Annuities can also have several optional features attached to them. (These options can for example include an income which rises with inflation, a benefit for your spouse or dependents in the event of your death, etc.)

As you can imagine, it is imperative that any annuity income is tailored for your individual needs and circumstances. Hence, annuity advice is crucial to your retirement planning.

Why is it so important to take independent annuity advice?

It is important that you take independent financial advice before purchasing an annuity. You need to ensure you have the right features included and also receive the highest income available. Once an annuity is in payment it is not possible to change or amend it in any way. So, there are no second chances with annuities.

We offer whole of market independent advice on annuities as part of our retirement planning service.

Why not contact one of our expert independent financial advisers today for a no obligation chat and discuss your pension and annuity options.

As whole of market independent financial advisers (IFAs) we are not tied to the products of any pension or annuity provider. Therefore, we are able to find the best possible option for you in the whole marketplace.

Our Scottish base in Glasgow is no barrier to giving whole of market independent financial advice across the UK.